Welcome to Roundhouse central, the place to be for the five or six people in the universe who've even heard of Roundhouse.

For the uninitiated, here are the key bullet points...
  • It's A Modular J2EE Framework
  • It's built on top of Struts.
  • It contains a JSR-168 Portlet Container
  • It ships with lots of cool portlets for weather, RSS feeds, etc.
  • It allows Java web applications to be assembled from disparate modules.
  • It contains a lot of handy features and utilites needed by most web apps.

  • Roundhouse in Action: To get a better idea, check out a running site based on Roundhouse at
    Roundhouse in SourceForge: Roundhouse has recently joined the large family of abandonware hosted by the good folks at SourceForge. For hours of enjoyment, visit the project site at
    Roundhouse in Code: The Roundhouse code repository is moving out of SourceForge and is not publicly accessible at the moment. A Subversion repository will be available on the project server in a few weeks.
    Roundhouse in Binary: We've made a few releases, but they suck and none of them are binaries. We suggest you pull code directly from the CVS server and shut your smart mouth.
    Roundhouse in Law: Roundhouse is Apache 2.0 licensed for free commerical use, so in the unlikely event that you like it, feel free to steal it and start your own middleware company.

    Questions People Might Ask

    What's all this Kennewick noise?

    Kennewick is the low level n-tier Java application framework Roundhouse is based on and has been rolled into the Roundhouse project in SourceForge. It decouples persistence from the object model and business logic from the view. If you love EJB's, you'll hate Kennewick!

    This site is pretty sparse. What's the deal?

    We have real work to do and prefer not to waste time spinning for you open source heathens. When Roundhouse is a little more stable and we feel like dealing with your support requests, we'll retool the site and go after your mindshare and eternal obedience. In the meantime the project team requests that you beat yourself with a pay phone reciever. Logo